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Once again our puppies have been featured on the news!

Look who was a top feature for local news national pet day photo and was featured again on another news story.

Ellie Mae & Jo Jo

What are Smokin Mini Bulldogs?

HARLEY and his new owner

Our line of mini Bulldogs is a hybrid breed comprised of crossing an English Bulldog with a Boston Bulldogee. These are often refered to as Boston Bulldogs.  By crossing these 2 breeds you get many of the characteristics of the English Bulldog but yet many of the characteristic heath problems of the English Bulldog have been bred out and their life expectancy increases.

A mini bulldog is much lighter than the purebred Bulldog which enables them to withstand warmer temperatures and increased exercise. Since the nose has been elongated in the minis, they experience much less drooling, snoring and breathing issues. The tenacity of the bulldog remains.

Why a mini Bulldog or Boston Bulldog?

Advantages of Cross Breeding

First, take a look at the positive aspects of cross breeding. People who are strictly interested in purebred dogs often overlook these points.

Unique Look
Some people prefer a dog that doesn’t look like any other breed they know, and cross breeding can certainly produce such a dog. When you combine two different breeds, it’s a coin toss as to how the genetics will combine. This means that each puppy in a litter can look different from its littermates, and this can lead to a very interesting-looking litter.

Fewer Congenital Issues in Some Cases
It’s true that many purebred dogs suffer from genetic conditions that have been passed from one generation to the next. Careful cross breeding may lower the chances of passing on a particular condition if only one parent is a carrier.

Please read this article for a more detailed reason as to why many prefer a mini bulldog over an english bulldog.  Read it here

 Want to learn more?  Click here!  (Link will open in new window)

What people are saying about their minis

I just Love everything about ours, their smart, easy trained, affectionate, will cuddle, plays hard, sleeps hard, snores and it’s adorable, and Always gives you the puppy dog eyes.

We just love our Bo!! He is so smart and loves to learn new tricks especially when treats are involved! He loves people and other dogs! He loves to get hugs and kisses! He did very good with potty training and rarely has an accident! He loves to run and play and he loves to sleep! We wouldn’t trade him for the world! He weighs 40.6 lbs right now.

I adore my little bully! She makes me laugh every day. She’s lovable and so affectionate. She gives kisses and then turns her head and waits for me to give her kisses. She’s naughty and chews stuff but I wouldn’t take a million dollars for her.

I absolutely love mine and want another but my husband is making me wait 😂😂 potty training has been pretty easy. Dixie is extremely smart but very stubborn headed when it comes to chewing and finding things to eat like shoes, toys, furniture, ect. So I have to watch her like a hawk and keep her kenneled when I leave. But she is a huge baby! She was the smallest out of the litter and I always held her so I may have spoiled her lol my favorite thing about her is that she is a cuddle monster and when she is in trouble or thinking really hard she let’s her underbite show

Now Taking Deposits For Future Litters

At Smokin’ Mini Bulldogs, we are now offering two different types of waiting lists.  Our first list is our deposit list and our second is our no obligation list.

  1. Deposit list:  You may place a NON-REFUNDABLE $300 deposit through pay-pal in advance for a puppy in the future.  This deposit is applied toward the full purchase price of the puppy.  Picks will then go by the date that you sent us your deposit.  Once you place a deposit, you will be assigned a number int he order in which your deposit was received.  As puppies arrive, we contact those on this list int he order in which we received deposits.  When your number is called, you have the option of picking a puppy from the current available litters or passing util the next litter, or the next, etc.  You may see our current deposit list by clicking here.  Please keep in mind that all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  If you change your mind or find a puppy from another breeder, your deposit will not be returned.  However, if you have a deposit in place, you WILL get a puppy.  Please note that we cannot guarantee when you will receive a puppy.  It all depends on pregnancies and number of puppies delivered.
  2. Our No Obligation List is for those without a deposit in place.  People on this list will be contacted after everyone on the deposit list is contacted.  For example, if we have a litter of six puppies and only three people on our deposit list, you would get a call to find out if you were interested.

All parties on both lists will be contacted in the order received before any puppies are posted for sale.


We are happy to accept Paypal for deposits ect. But request that all payments are sent using the family and friends option to avoid service fees. If this option is not used and service fees are applied, the buyer will be responsible to pay these fees and they will be added to the final cost of the puppy

We also recommend while waiting to take home your new puppy is to order your Nuvet Puppy Vitamins. A convenient link is on our website.

We also have puppy packs available which have everything you need for your new puppy. These packs must be preordered at least 2 weeks prior to puppy pick up.

Puppy Packs include the following along with a 36″ crate.

If you have any questions regarding our waiting list or deposit policies, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. In the meantime, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new furbabies. Keep checking back to this page for birth announcements and pregnancy confirmations

We highly recommend Nu-vet for Immunity Gap for all our puppies!

Immunity Gap

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